The Beatles, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Bach, Nyman...

The history of this label began in the mid-1980s in a small room in the Tysiąclecia
estate in Krakow. It was my brother’s room, and whenever he left it, I would sneak in
there and listen to records from his library for hours. There were almost all recordings of
the Beatles, Pink Floyds, Polish rock and a huge collection of classical music, especially
classical guitar music. Like it or not, Krzysiek shaped my musical taste. I listened to
what he was listening to. From vinyls, reels and cassette tapes, and finally (with great
excitement) CDs. I remember, it was Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in crystal clear quality straight
from the brand new Denon player. It was then that I probably unconsciously decided
to become a record producer.
I dedicate Immersive Sound to Krzysiek, my brother.
Rafał Drewniany

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